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Frontier Vehicle Dismantling is a complete stock control and invoicing system – it has been developed specifically for the vehicle dismantler with features that no other parts or dismantling system can offer.


Our Frontier Dismantling software allows for you to choose between standard and pro-forma invoicing for your delivery runs. With our Royal Mail postcode data feature you can choose between two options, the basic option which provides street level address lookup or the premium option which offers additional premisis details. Frontier Dismantling is very powerful and invoices can be generated directly from parts searches and parts reservations for individual or multiple parts, dismantling jobs can also be auto generated when any on-car parts are sold.


Frontier Dismantling is excellent for storing important information. You can store any file with a vehicle record with a simple drag and drop. You can record everything about an invoice with Notes to store post sale conversations with the customer and/or courier. These are also created automatically as the invoice status is updated. You can also store returning customer information and the details will be shared with Frontier Salvage to build up a complete customer history. Comments are stored and then recalled when entering parts into stock and used as part of the search criteria when searching for parts. You can take multiple digital photos and store them with the vehicle record. Images can be used when exporting to online services, in emails and in reports. Your eBay default values can also be stored to allow one click sending of parts to eBay, including item specifics and delivery pricing.


It is easy to find information quickly using Frontier Dismantling, simply drag and drop images onto the search results to add images to the part record. Searching for invoices can be done simply and quickly by invoice number, date, name, part descriptions etc. For a HPI Lookup just enter the vehicle registration number and the system will run a HPI Identity Check. Part grouping is also available meaning parts can be grouped by car / motorcycle / tyres to make searching quicker and easier. Our factor numbers feature allows linking parts that are the same, such as common components between vehicles to multiple vehicle types. To find parts in stock all you have to do is a simple search, which can return one part off one model, or a wider ranging search that would bring up multiple parts off many different models.


Our straightforward approach makes entering parts just as easy as searching for them. Simply select your vehicle and then select the parts for that vehicle. Parts can be entered onto the system with on-car or dismantled status, pricing and locating the parts as you go. As you enter parts onto the system, Frontier Vehicle Dismantling generates vehicle inspection sheets and dismantling schedules and has current stock, sales and search history to facilitate the dismantling process. Frontier Vehicle Dismantling allows you to perform searches for specific parts or multiple part and model searches. The simple interface is easy to use even for the novice and you can also perform multiple searches simultaneously. You can also look at a list of current vehicles from which you can view images and check which parts have already been sold.


Our Frontier Dismantling software is secure as all credit card information is securely encrypted. The system can be PIN encoded if required for greater security and audit purposes. We can link to your website to automatically display all your stock with full descriptions, pictures and search facilities. If you don’t have a website already, we are able to design and host a website for you. Frontier Vehicle Dismantling offers a variety of features aimed at multi-depot users including inter-depot stock transfers and depot specific reports and cash ups. When you cash up your tills, run the cash up facility and it will tell you what should be in your till and give you an invoice break down of where it came from.


Frontier Dismantling offers comprehensive reporting facilities incorporating full management reports, report options include stock and sales reports, invoice reports and profitability reports. You can tailor your parts to make them specific for each model and all of your printing needs are met, including invoices, auction catalogues and reports. Frontier allows you to print straight onto your own stationery, or design a template for use on blank paper.


Store surcharges against parts and when those parts are sold the surcharge will be automatically added onto the invoice. You can have account customers with credit limits, invoices to follow and the ability to make them inactive. There is also a one-facility to generate monthly statements for all account customers. Frontier Vehicle Dismantling supports Global and VAT accounting as well as exported goods. We also provide a post-sale status update feature which auto emails the customer of the status change to their order.


solutions-icon-moreAdditional bolt-on packages


A range of optional but recommended packages are available for Frontier Vehicle Dismantling. Each bolt-on enhances the software package and enables you to work more efficiently whilst managing your dismantling operation.


Frontier Stores



A mobile application that allows quick and easy barcode scanning of parts for stock control.  Read more>>


Frontier Touch Screen Dismantling


An application that runs on robust touch screen displays that is deployed on the yard floor for quick access by your dismantlers.   Read more>>


Frontier Touch Screen Packaging



An application that runs on robust touch screen displays that is deployed in the dispatch bay for quick access by your dispatch team.  Read more>>


Frontier ebay



An essential package that allows quick and easy export of parts straight onto Ebay and when parts are sold your stock is reduced and invoices generated automatically in Frontier Dismantling.   Read more>>


Frontier Yard



A mobile application that allows your forklift drivers to find vehicles quickly and keep their location up to date with a live real-time link to your system.   Read more>>


Frontier Web Listings


web V3

An application that shows breaking vehicle lists and parts on your website with full information and photographs. Read more>>


Frontier Web Shop & Parts



Another essential package that allows quick and easy export of parts straight onto your Web Shop and when parts are sold your stock is reduced and invoices generated automatically in Frontier Dismantling.  Read more>>




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